Happy New Year!

Things are progressing nicely on Forsaken. I have
learned the basics of getting a working model into the
Hal-Life2 Model Viewer, from exporting a .smd file from
Maya to writing my own .qc script file to getting custom
facial animation working.

In the interest of getting things up and running quickly,
I opted to do the first few characters for the game in Maya
instead of 3dStudioMax. I would love to learn Max right now,
but I didn’t want to hurt our team’s progress
by having to be learning the details of both 3dsMax and
the Source engine at the same time. Once I get the first of
our characters working I plan on switching over to Max in an
effort to expand my knowledge base.

In website related news, I have added a few bits to the Bio section
of my website as well as added the “archives” feature to the
front page news portion, a link to which is found at the
bottom of the first page.
Take care, and remember anyone is always welcome
to drop me a line via my contacts page if you have
any questions/comments about anything.