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May 9, 2007

Nothing like domain registration expiration to
get you to update your website news eh?

If you visted my page in the last day or two you
may have noticed it had undergone some extreme
changes, like it had turned into an autogenerated
link farm shenanigan.

Thankfully, a three minute phone call to hostrocket
customer support got everything straightened out,
so all is well now.

In other news, I comnpleted 1 1/2 years of employment
with Trinity Animation, and as of July 2006 I have taken
on the role of “3D Visualization Specialist” at HNTB.
It’s lots of fun.
Sometime soon I hope to get some recent work up here.
I’m in the corporate office and therefore get to work with
clients from all over the country. We do lots of highways,
bridges, airports and the like, which is actually
much more exciting than it sounds!

Take care & keep in touch,
I may not update this site much,
but I’m always available for contacting at