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April 12, 2013

Lots of changes going on around these parts lately –

  • My wife and I are expecting our first child (a girl) in May!
  • The HNTB Incubation Center I was a part of for the past 7 years has effectively dissolved. I have now transferred over to HNTB’s National Sales Office and am excited to join back up with the old gang and focus back in on high-end 3D visualization and creating tools for the 6 other 3D experts in the group.
  • My wife and I just welcomed 6 new members to our family – baby chickens! 2 Ameraucanas, 2 Buff Orpingtons, and 2 Rhode Island Reds – all hens (we hope!) that we’ll raise for eggs.

Three bullet points sure doesn’t seem like enough considering the significance of everything, but I think that’s enough to last us quite a while!

I’ve been digging pretty deep into expanding my photography knowledge lately as my wife’s freelance business McClarke Marketing was able to pick up a Canon 7D this past year. I’m currently in the process of getting my flickr account up and running, at which point maybe I can start putting some images online here too. Stay tuned, or as always, feel free to drop me an email.