June Update

It’s been a long time since my last update, I know. I have been keeping busy though. I recently started going in to “work” everyday, really just tagging along to school with my roommates so that I can get used to being in a work environment. I’ve found I’m a lot more productive so that was a good choice on my part. Okay, enough of the boring stuff though. We’re ramping up to show off the game we’re making to the public and yesterday I captured some of the models and animations I’ve been working with. Checkout the preview in both QuickTime and Divx versions in my work area of the website. All the models and textures by
Zachariah Inks, and all of the animations by me.

May Update

Been working on some more animations for the game my roommates are making. Been interesting having three different versions of one character all bound to the same rig. Also spent about an hour today working on a lipsync for a friend to look at. He was having trouble doing his first lipsync so I threw one together for him to see how I did it. Was fun since it had been a bit since I did lipsync stuff. Also got to use the ‘PackageMan’ rig, the latest from Lluis Llobera/Rigging101.com, and it’s pretty neat. You can download the Divx 5.11 result here. (Again only about an hour’s worth of work went into, but I was amused.) 🙂

April Update

Well the new site is just about finished. Have a few more files
to put up and then it will be complete. Currently working on base
animations for an ogre for the game I am working on with my
roommates. It’s the first player character we have in game so
once I get it completely done it will be a lot of doing different
variations of those animations on different player characters. That’s
about all for now. Plan on updating like these every so often to keep
it posted what I am doing.